About the Artist

About the Artist

           Hey everyone!
           My name is Jaci ("Jackie"), but some of you may know me                as Jasmae.

             But for those of you who don't know me yet! - I am a

             digital artist specializing in character art & design. I also

            have become known for my whimsical silhouette styled

           art (especially around Halloween)!
         My dream is to do my own original art and projects for a

       living. But in the meantime, I take commissions.

   I was born in 1990, and started my freelance digital art journey in

2012. I got my butt out of homelessness with using my artistic talents and it was absolutely thrilling! I've always been an artist, but now I was making money from it. And I can't imagine going back to a "regular" job ever again. I love working for myself. I am trying to build upon it and expand into more of my own thing to truly find my artistic voice and flourish!

My current art tools I work with are a custom built PC, Wacom Intuos Pro 4 tablet, Paint Tool Sai, and Adobe CS6, but as of 2019, I've started dabbling with some enamel pin designs! I'm looking to expand into that area of making pins, stickers, bookmarks, etc.! I am starting an Etsy, Society6, and Redbubble! Check the Shop tab!

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   Thank you to everyone who supports me and my dreams!

   I genuinely appreciate it from the top and bottom of my heart!                                - Jasmae 2019