Halloween Icon FAQ

Read Before You Ask

Can I have a high res version of my icon to use as my desktop wallpaper?

NO! Icons are created at 300 x 300 ppi and then I shrink it to make a 100 x 100 ppi version. I cannot make it bigger! If you want a desktop wallpaper, I would suggest you commission me for a Silhouette Scene - those are 1080 x 720 ppi

How's my icon coming along / When will my icon be done?

Icons this year are taken and completed IN-STREAM! http://picarto.tv/jasmae during commission stream times.​

Icon commissions are either not started, or done.
I never stop working on an icon halfway through! So if I have done it, I've already sent it to you - check your email.

Can I see a WIP?

I do not 'sketch' SILHOUETTE commissions so there are no WIPs for silhouette icons.

What 'batch' am I in?

Icons are uploaded together in the same image. If your icon wasn't in the last batch image uploaded, it's probably in the next.

I see you taking in-stream commissions. Are you going to work on my icon?

If the commission stream is for halloween icons and you ordered yours this stream, then YES! You should be listed in the on screen queue to the side of the stream window.

If you commissioned me outside the stream for some reason, then no, probably not.

If the stream is for another commission type other than icons, then also no.

I saw you post your icons online, I wanted to make sure I got mine since I'm not sure if mine was included in the upload.

Don't worry! The second I complete your icon, I email it to you! Check your spam if you don't see it in your inbox!

Can you please keep my icon private/anonymous - it's a gift!

NP! Icons are posted in group images with "Characters belong to their respective owners" so no commissioner names are given.

Can you fix / change / redo my icon?

If I didn't interpret your theme the way you wanted, I'm sorry, but I am not redoing it.

Small Edits like "can you make the muzzle shorter" or "can you make the ears less pointy" or "can you add their glasses, you forgot them" are all okay!

Color edits may or may not be possible.
Things get merged in the process of making the icons and / or sometimes many different layers are made to work together. So changing colors can be impossible without redoing the entire thing, which, I'm not going to do.

Can I order multiple icon slots in the same stream?

You can order up to 2 slots in the same stream. I want to give others a chance to order Halloween Icons this season.

When are you streaming to take Halloween Icons???

Mostly on Fridays and Saturdays 3-9pm EST
BUT I may stream randomly during the week also.
No matter when I stream, I will post my stream banner Ad with link.
It's probably easiest to just make sure you're following me on picarto though! http://picarto.tv/jasmae

I can't make the stream, but I still want an icon so how do I get one?

I will be doing a small batch of icons off-stream. Keep your eyes peeled for the signup notice.