Silhouette Icon FAQ

Read Before You Ask

Can I have a high res version of my icon to use as my desktop wallpaper?

NO! Icons are created at 300 x 300 ppi and then I shrink it to make a 100 x 100 ppi version. I cannot make it bigger! If you want a desktop wallpaper, I would suggest you commission me for a Silhouette Scene - those are 1080 x 720 ppi

How's my icon coming along?

Icon commissions are either not started, or done. I never stop working on an icon halfway through! So if I have done it, I've already sent it to you - check your email.

Can I see a WIP?

I do not 'sketch' SILHOUETTE commissions so there are no WIPs for silhouette icons.

When will my icon be done?

No real ETAs are given for these. They are usually done quickly.
But if I took a bunch (usually through a sale) and you've been waiting, chances are I am just about to get to yours. However, emailing me in reply to your form to ask me bumps your icon to the back of my queue. Patience pays off.

What 'batch' am I in?

If I have a lot of icons, I tend to do them in batches of 15-25. This means I do them all in one sitting, then upload them all together in a single image. I tend to do a bunch at once. If you weren't in the last batch, you're probably in the next.

To get a better idea, check my trello queue.

I see you taking in-stream commissions. Are you going to work on my icon?

If you ordered the icon in-stream for the stream, then YES! But if you ordered your icon off-stream, then NO, not right now. Commission streams are for new commissions only for me to make income. I sometimes have non-commission streams though where I work on my trello queue.

I saw you post your icons online, I wanted to make sure I got mine since I'm not sure if mine was included in the upload.

Don't worry! The second I complete your icon, I email it to you! Check your spam if you don't see it in your inbox! Otherwise I did not get to it yet and it will be in another batch soon.

Can you please keep my icon private/anonymous - it's a gift!

NP! Icons are posted in group images with "Characters belong to their respective owners" so no commissioner names are given.

cuz apparently i needed one...