"Jasmae provides fantastic, eye-popping art with a good turnaround time, as well as providing plenty of ways to bring value to all the things she offers fans and clients alike. The frequent streams are a pleasure to watch and are always entertaining, informative, and mesmerizing!"

Drasalau | Commissioner | Silver Member

Jan 12th, 2019

"It was a pleasure to work with Jasmae, she's a very skilled and fun artist! Her art is cute and flows wonderfully; expressing emotion and movement. I'd love to have the chance to work with her again in the future."

Scarlet-Frost | Artist & Commissioner

Jan 16th, 2019

"I've been really pleased with the art I have purchased from Jasmae. Between buying icons, Halloween chibis an even a large YCH, I have had nothing but an overall wonderful experience. She provided WIP's on my large piece and took great attention to my characters details (on all my commissions!). I most definitely plan on returning for more future wise."

Trail-Of-Paws | Commissioner

Jan 18th, 2019

"I first commissioned Jas a few years ago for some icons but in January of 2019 I decided to go full out. I got two full body illustrations and boy am I glad I did. She worked so hard on them with so much detail so much time energy and love went into those pieces. I'm honestly glad I commissioned her and I'm honored to have artwork by her. She's wonderful to work with and a delight to watch. I will always be a fan."

MissSmittenKitten | Commissioner | Silver Member

Jan 18th, 2019

"I've been following and supporting Jas for a few years. Her art has come such a long way and works countless hours each day to see her commissioners works through. My favorite thing about her art is her coloring and lighting how it really helps portray the mood for each compisition."

A-S1y-Fox | Artist | Friend

Jan 18th, 2019

"I mostly buy icons from Jas, and am always happy with how they turn out. I've seen most of them done during streams. While the outcome isn't always exactly how I'd imagined them to be, I know Jas is a wing-it artist and the outcomes are always gorgeous and I do like them! Nothing wrong IMO with getting a bit of a surprise in the end :)"

AndroKei | Commissioner

Jan 18th, 2019

"I love your art. The two Tarot decks I got from you are amazing.
You were very professional and friendly with me.
I’m pretty sure that this is just business, might be both."

LoneKing | Watcher

Jan 18th, 2019

"I love your art, I think it’s gorgeous. And I also really appreciate that you’re dependable and even if the art is delayed people can trust that you’ll get the work done. It alleviates a lot of the worry around buying art. I also think your methods are professional and for the most part very well set up.
Although there was the time there was an issue I did not feel it was handled very well at the time,which did make me feel anxious about buying again. When I brought up this issue later though, you were really good about it and I'm glad it was cleared up."


Fell | Commissioner

Jan 18th, 2019