Terms of Service


Commission Openings

When I open for commissions, I use Postybirb to post to the following sites: FurAffinity, FurryNetwork, Weasyl, Furrific, Twitter, and Tumblr.
I am personally most active on FurAffinity. But I am definitely reachable at my email: JasmaeArt@gmail.com for inquiries. You may get early notice of commission openings if you have signed up for my email newsletter. I also usually have a commission stream at least once a week! So you can commission me in-stream at http://picarto.tv/jasmae

Email Newsletter

My email newsletter is FREE. You can sign up for my email newsletter here. Those who sign up for my email newsletter are emailed 1-4 times per month. Emails contain information on my commission openings, special projects or products of mine, potential coupons, sales or discounts, and other announcements I may have as an artist, such as changes to my website or an event like me attending a convention.
The purpose of the email newsletter is to have my customer emails where I can reach them in case all these other sites go down. I do not share your email or information with anyone or anywhere else. It is solely for me to contact you.

Ordering Commissions

Order forms are provided for the commissions types I am offering. Simply fill out and submit your form and I will receive your commission request via email.
My TOS is linked in the forms too (as always). You MUST agree to it to submit the form.
Keep in mind: Filled forms should be kept as brief and concise as possible as tedious and lengthy descriptions are overwhelming, confusing, and unwelcome. All commission discussion, including changes and edits, must be in reply to the original email/form for the commission. No correspondence over discord or any other sites is official. I need the info all in one place (the email) to avoid mistakes or missing or changed info. I withhold the right to decline anyone at anytime for any reason. If I accept your commission request, I will email you in reply to your order form and send you an invoice for your commission using Paypal.
You must pay in full before I can begin work on your commission. (See Payment section)
Your commission is then added to my queue.
My email is my main queue. It's all color coded and labeled for me.
Quick commissions, from a stream for example, are not put on my trello queue.
Off-stream commissions and longer projects should be listed in my trello queue. Completed commissions will be delivered via the contact email you provide me in your forms the moment I complete them.


Please note: I am a wing-it/artistic freedom artist and all commissions are subject to full artistic freedom. You may not see a WIP unless requested in advance. Otherwise, I may send you a WIP, but it is not subject to approval unless I ask for your approval for the WIP.
Please specify in your form if you would like your commission to remain private and not posted. (See Use of Artwork section for more info.)
Silhouette Icon and Sketch commissions do not have WIPs.


I want my commission now >> Commission me In-stream and get it same day completed in-stream
I can wait patiently >> Commission me off-stream and wait yout turn in my commission queue
Estimated time for commission completion depends on my current queue or if I have a large project going on at the time.
If my queue is empty, then it is generally 1-14 days unless otherwise discussed.
If my queue is full or I have a project going on at the same time, I can give you a guess if you ask me, but it may be subject to change. If there are any serious delays, I will notify you. I tend to post updates to all sites using Postybirb as well. If you have been waiting longer than 1 month for your commission, please contact me. Ocassionally things get lost by silly email goblins. ETAs are estimates, not guarantees. If you are an impatient person or not understanding towards potential delays, then please do not commission me.

Reference Images

Reference Images are required to complete your commission for most commission types. See below for what is acceptable and what is unacceptable: ACCEPTABLE:

  • General (sfw) or Mature (simple nudity) references or images (art, not real people) are appropriate.) *see unacceptable below before you throw your unwanted adult refs at me
  • 2 images (maximum!) per character.
  • Additional references are only permitted if you need an outfit, bodytype, hair, tattoo, or accessory reference ( unless it is already included in the first 2 images of your character).
  • NO!!! - ADULT as I am not an adult artist!!!
Q: What is adult? A: If it is intended to arouse, If they are spread, erect, wet, bent over, lactating, sex-faced, masterbating, or having sex, etc. IT IS ADULT AND I DO NOT WANT TO SEE IT.
  • NO!!! - Character image galleries. I can't study numerous images of your character to decipher what the differences are between each image and what is and isn't correct. Please select the 2 most relevant and just tell me in a few words anything else I need to know.
  • NO!!! - Written descriptions ( unless previously discussed or in the case of ilhouette Icons as they do not require an image. A description of species , gender, body type is doable).
  • NO!!! - STA.SH DeviantArt wants me to sign in as you and I can't obviously, so I can't view the references. Feel free to reply to the order form email with attached refs though!
  • NO!!! - http://d.facdn.net/.... links! They do not open. Feel free to reply to the order form email with attached refs though!
!!! No exceptions! Failure to comply will result in declining your commission immediately and possibly blocking you. WHEN IN DOUBT, ASK BEFORE YOU SEND NSFW IMAGES !!!

What I will and will not draw


  • SFW /General
  • Mature (Mature =/= Adult)
  • Males and Females.
  • Human, Humanoid, Anthro.
  • Chubby, Curvy, Busty, Lithe, Lean, Petite.
  • Icons. Sketches. Flats. Shaded. Designs. (check my commission page)
  • Couples. Accessories. Clothes. Some Props (ASK). Lingerie. Outfit Design.
  • Wings. Some Tattoos (ASK). Piercings.
  • Candygore. Light gore.
  • I ONLY DRAW HUMAN GENITALIA / PENIS. ( No sheaths, no other penis shapes, animal or fabricated.)
  • Adult or pornographic art.
  • Herms or multiple sexual organs/genitals (including multiple boobs). Gender-less/Genderfluid. C-boy, etc. ( This is because I need to know Feminine or Masculine in order to draw)
  • Taurs, feral.
  • Super thin/anorexic. Super muscular/buff. Morbid Obesity. Drastically unrealistic proportions. Cartoon Styles, pokesonas, sonic, and the like.
  • Drugs. Alcoholism. Abuse. Heavy Gore. Vulgarity. Fluids (Cum, lactation, etc.). Hyper. Inflation.
  • Technical backgrounds (like inside a cockpit)
  • Technical Props (GUNS and other complex things)
  • Strange fetishes such as vore, inflation, baby, watersports etc. (others already mentioned above) etc.
  • Smoking or alchohol unless in good taste (noir, pinup, etc.)
  • Hookahs, weed symbol, some profanity/language.
Something not listed? ASK FIRST!


Commissions must be paid 100% upfront before I can begin work. Commissions $100 or more may be eligible for a payment plan. Contact me to discuss before purchase.
I only accept payment through PAYPAL. Paypal allows you to pay with card too!
I only accept USD (United States Dollars)
All discounts, sales, and fees are reflected on the invoices I send out. If there is an issue with your invoice, please notify me before paying it.
Payment is expected within 24 hours, unless otherwise discussed. Payments not made will result in a cancelled invoice/commission.
I do NOT accept echecks, or snail-mailed cash.
All sales are final once payment has been received. (See Refunds section) If you cancel before you pay, that is 100% fine! Just let me know.
Tips and Donations are appreciated, but not necessary. If you would like to tip or donate, you can include a tip when you pay your commission invoice, or use my Ko-fi here.
!!! Never send payment without my approval, because if you do, I will consider it a tip or donation and may not refund you!!!


It is your responsibility to tell me everything I need to know in order to complete your commission upon your commissioning me.
I will of course ask questions if I feel I need more information, but know that this is your responsibility to inform me accordingly.
If you failed to inform me of a mistake or change to your commission before or during the optional sketch approval, it is your fault and I am not responsible for fixing it.
Keep in mind that a sketch preview is not required unless you ask for it in advance.
You must pay me for any changes, but I may not always be willing to accept them. (This includes custom designs and adopts!)
Revision costs are dependent on the amount of work it will take to complete.
If you are unhappy with my interpretation of what you described, that is also not my fault and I will not redo it because you had a vision you could not convey.
You are not allowed to edit my artwork. (See Use of Artwork section)


You can see my current commission prices here. Please keep in mind that my prices can change at any time.
Be aware that only the artist can worth their art and that arguing my pricing will get you nowhere but my blacklist.
I may also charge more for your commission if you have an overly complex character, or want any extras not normally included in a commission. This is usually an option to check off in my commission order forms. Need a quote? Please email JasmaeArt@gmail.com


Remember that all sales are final once payment has been received.
I may however, refund you if I am unable to complete your commission for any reason on my end.
You can cancel your commission before you pay. Just let me know!
If you are being a finicky or picky customer and continually ask me to change things about
your commission, or are continually uncooperative, I may wish to give you a partial refund and may no longer wish to work with you. If you ask for a refund because you are suddenly scared you are being ripped off because another artist did that to you before, that is unfair, rude and I may no longer wish to work for you. And you still probably wont get the refund. So if you are not an understanding or patient person, please look elsewhere.

If you do not talk to me and go straight to paypal for a refund, I got news for you, this has happened to me, and I always win. You will be blacklisted, you will be blasted, you will be blocked, you will be put on Artists Beware. Expect professionalism? Act it yourself.

Save Your Commissions!

I am not responsible for deleted or missing commissions from my galleries.
Artist’s clean up their galleries every so often, so please if you care about your commissioned art, you will SAVE them to your computer or privately on imgur or photobucket, etc.

You are not allowed to complain, get a refund, or a redo of your commissioned art.
I put time and effort into the pieces you pay for. You may politely ask me if I still have the file, but I am in no way obligated to refund or replace the commission if I cannot find it. Sorry. If you have read this T.O.S. please relay “Totoro” to me privately (never publicly). Any place on your commission form will do. <3
This just let’s me know how many people actually care to read my T.O.S. but whether you’ve read this or not, by commissioning me, you agree to every word of it! THANK YOU!


Streaming Your Commissions

I sometimes stream my work, but it is not guaranteed that I will stream yours and you cannot request your commission be streamed due to unforeseen circumstances, such as technical difficultties. Art is a process. I am not a fan of backseat artists and nit-pickers. I am an artistic freedom artist for a reason.
Commission Streams are announced in advance. I do not take commissions every time I stream unless it is announced as a commission stream. Payment is USD through Paypal Invoice (it also let's you pay with card this way) I understand if you need to leave the stream for work and other obligations, but I will not reschedule your commission for another time. It is to be done whether you are present or not. Streaming is NEVER guaranteed. (Potential unforeseen technical difficulties may arise making me unable to stream your commission) but I will complete it off-stream. Completed stream commissions will be emailed to you when complete. You may order more than one commission per stream. There is a raffle as long as I make my goal! ( # of slots goal or $ goal, whichever comes first)

Stream Rules


  • Be respectful and courteous to others.
  • Do NOT post NSFW links in chat without permission of the streamer or a mod.
  • Do NOT discuss NSFW things in the stream chat.
  • Do NOT RP in the stream chat.
  • Do NOT discuss or debate touchy subjects, such as but not limited to politics, gender identity, women's rights, etc. etc. This just isn't the place for that.
  • Please WHISPER me or a mod if you need our attention.
  • Do NOT blatantly advertise yourself without permission. It's rude.



All Rights Reserved.
Do not redistribute, claim, copy, trace, edit, or use my artwork in any way.
My artwork is copyright to me. You are not allowed to use my artwork by any means without my permission!

Only the commissioner of a piece of artwork may re-upload the work.
The commissioner may also, if desired, use the work as part of a ref or crop it for an icon.
You are not allowed to edit my art in any way without my permission! Only sketch and shaded sketch commissions may be colored by the commissioner.
If you would like another person/artist to color your sketch commissions, PLEASE ASK ME FIRST!
You must always credit me when re-posting or using any of my art!
You are not allowed to use my art for commercial use without my proven consent and signed agreement.
I am allowed to sell prints or other merchandise of any artwork I create if I so choose, unless you state otherwise before commissioning me or requested a private commission.
Violations to this Terms of Service Agreement will result in Artist Beware / Commissioners Beware, etc. and you will be added to my permablacklist.
Contact me for more info of my TOS if needed!


Adopt Permissions

You need permission first if adopting on behalf of or for someone else.
You may resell for the same price you got the design.
You can raise the price to include the equal cost of commissioned art of the character.
You may not sell a design you got for free or won in a raffle, but you can trade them with others or give away for free.
Small changes to the design are acceptable as long as the design is still recognizable to the original and you do not edit the original artwork.
You can of course change the name, gender, species of the adopt as long as it adheres to the above statement and does not infringe on any other person’s original species rules.
I only create male and female characters, but you can adopt them and make them herms or whatever and you can get adult work of them by others. It does not affect me.
All sales of designs are final. If you get buyer's remorse often, don't impulse buy things!
Violation of agreement means I reclaim the design and may resell or reuse, even without a refund.
See Use of Artwork for re-uploading permissions! And please enjoy my designs!


Auction Rules

Always follow rules on the auction submission itself!
Never hide or retract your bids, even if you make a mistake. I will hide them if necessary. If you retract your bid without notice, you will be suspended/banned from the next or all future auctions.
If outbid, you are no longer obligated to pay me anything once the auction has ended, even if the person who outbid you broke the rules and retracted their bid.
In the event that the winner breaks the rules and retracts their bid or cannot pay, I will ask the runner up if they’d like to purchase at their last bid price, but they may decline.
Auctions always end on the date listed, but 15 minutes after the last bid in the event of last second bids.
If any problems arise with your paypal, etc., feel free to inform me but I cannot guarantee that I wont suspend/ban you from at least the next auction.
Payment is due within 24 hours of me notifying you for winning, unless otherwise discussed beforehand.
If you fail to pay within this time and without notice, I will offer the prize to the next person.
Auction may be cancelled, postponed, or extended in the event of no bids in the first 24 hours or breaking the rules with retracted bids.

Last updated:June 2019