Get access to VIP newsletter with special deals & discounts, members-only content, and priority on commissions!

Payment of plans uses Paypal Only at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

 If you wish to cancel you can through Paypal, but please contact me so I can handle it on my end too.

VIP Membership FAQ

What do ALL VIP Members get?

-The VIP Newsletter, featuring: - First look at products or projects coming soon. - First chance at new commission type and commission openings. - Special coupons or discounts for commissions or products. - Access to the Members-Only Section, featuring: -WIP gallery -Full Res Gallery -My Blog -My Peronsal Instagram -& more to come! - VIP role on my discord server - Entry into every raffle!

How do I get access to your Private Streams?

Private Streams are available for the Platinum, Diamond, and Sapphire Members. Those members get a private stream code every month to access my private streams. The code changes every month. Codes cannot be shared.

When do you update your Members-Only section?

Every Sunday!

How do I upgrade or cancel my VIP plan?

Please include your email you used to sign up and what level member you are currently.
I can then cancel your paid plan.
You can then purchase a different paid plan if you so choose.

Does my discount apply towards everything?

No. Discounts apply toward all regular priced commissions and some sales*. *Discounts do NOT apply towards Super Sales (sales that are already 50% off or more). Discounts do NOT apply towards Adoptable Sales. Discounts do NOT apply towards Auctions. Discounts do NOT apply towards Tarot Deck Purchases. Discounts on future products are TBD.

What does 'Commission Priority' mean?

Commission Priority means when you order a commission, you may ask to be moved to the front of the line. You can only do this once a month though (or else I'd never get anyone else's commissions done).